PMC4-Y Solar Panel Connector Solar Y Branch MC4


  • Product Dimensions :12.5 x 1.8 x0.7 inches
  • ltem Weight : 11.2 ounces
  • Manufacturer : Pjerjzn
  • ASIN : B0C36RQ7SR
  • Country of Origin : China
  • ltem model number : PMC4Y
  • Y Branch Parallel Connectors: CE and TUV certified, 1 male to 4 female (M/FFFF) and 1 female to 4 male (F/MMMM), these connectors enable parallel connection of 4 solar panels.
  • Heavy-Duty : Compatible with PV cables of various insulation diameters (14AWG-10AWG), these connectors are made of high-quality PC and PPO materials. They resist oxidation, UV rays, and high temperatures.ized
  • Design : The 1 to 4 solar branch connector features a double sealing ring for improved waterproof performance. It is suitable for use in rain, snow, strong wind, and other adverse weather conditions.
  • Plug and Play : Simply press the built-in lock on the male connector to easily connect and disconnect. It withstands 3000 plug and pull tests and ensures secure connections.


  • The design of the waterproof ring preventswater and dust from entering the connectorand keeps the inside dry and clean.


  • Simplify Your Life with Easy Installation Solutions.Effortless Plug and Play Options for Quick Set-Up


  • With the built-in lock on the maleconnector, this solar fuse can keep stableworking outdoors at all hours