PDBM-250-2P MCCB 550V 160A Moulded Case Circuit Breakers


  • Brand:Pjerjzn
  • Current Rating:160 Amps
  • Voltage:550 Volts
  • Circuit Breaker Type:Standard
  • Mounting Type:Surface Mount
  • The Pjerjzn 160A DC Circuit Breaker Disconnect Switch Double Pole 550V is a high quality, reliable circuit protection device designed for use in solar power systems, electric vehicles and other DC applications. With a rated current of 160A and a rated voltage of 550V, this circuit breaker ensures safe and efficient operation in demanding environments.
  • The circuit breaker is made of flame-retardant materials with excellent insulation properties, suitable for different working environments. The double-pole design can disconnect both positive and negative poles at the same time. This feature is critical for applications that require complete isolation of circuits for maintenance or safety purposes. The compact and durable plastic housing withstands the effects of environmental factors and ensures long term stable operation of the device.
  • The Pjerjzn DC circuit breaker is ideal for off-grid solar power systems, battery storage systems, photovoltaic power generation, UPS, and electric vehicle charging stations in data centers. It has a rugged construction and high breaking capacity for residential and commercial installations. The user-friendly design and easy installation process make it the first choice for installers and end users.
  • Pjerjzn DC Circuit Breakers provide peace of mind with reliable performance and advanced safety features that protect the user's electrical system from overloads, short circuits and other electrical faults.
  • Whether you're a solar enthusiast, an electric vehicle owner, or a professional installer, the Pjerjzn 160A DC Circuit Breaker Disconnect Switch Double Pole 550V is a versatile, cost-effective solution for your circuit protection needs. Trust the quality and performance of this circuit breaker to protect your valuable equipment and ensure reliable operation in any DC application.