PDBHT 400V DC MCB Enclosure Outdoor Small Breaker Box

$31.99 $37.00

  • Current Rating : 10-60 Amps
  • Voltage : 12-400 Volts (DC)
  • Circuit Breaker Type : Standard
  • Mounting Type : Plug-In Mount
  • Higher Quality: Pjerjzn circuit breaker is made of high quality PC flame retardant material, thickened purple copper coil, wider operating handle, Transparent cover for easy checking of operational status, waterproof sealing silicone ring.
  • Protection Function: The isolation switch has over voltage, overload and lightning protection functions, and can communicate over long distances to extend the working life of the solar system.
  • Easy Installation: Solar PV DC sink box, installed between solar panel and solar inverter, can realize faster and safer installation, plug and play. Circuit breaker is easy and convenient to assemble and disassemble, easily connected by two waterproof connectors on the top and bottom, with pre-drilled holes on the back and internal 35mm guide rails.
  • Widely Used: Suitable for photovoltaic solar panel grid connected system and solar off grid system solar power generation system, home, RV, etc. With IP65 waterproof grade, it can be used for outdoor rain protection.
  • Friendly Accessories and Prices: We offer competitive prices for DC switches to ensure you get your money's worth. You can feel confident in choosing our circuit breakers for your electrical protection needs. Package includes 1x disconnect switches circuit breaker, 2x screws, 4x terminals, 2x solar connector, 1x spanner wrench and 1x product manual.

Surpass Safety

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Electromagnetic trip mechanism promptly cuts off during overload, providing ultimate device protection.

Advanced arc-quenching technology prevents arc damage, adding an extra layer of safety.

Our circuit breaker offers unparalleled protection, making your power system safer and steadier.

Application Scenarios

Explore the Perfect Enclosure Solution forYour Outdoor Breaker Box Needs.

Efficient Small Breaker Boxes for Home,Caravan, and Outdoor Applications.

Power Up with Solar Panel Compatible Enclosures for a Sustainable Future.

Suitable for harsh environments

Whether in the scorching heat of summer or the freezing chill of winter, our circuit breaker performs reliably.

Whether it's wind, sand, rain or snow.It remains unfazed by the elements. Experience consistent, high-quality performance across diverse climates and conditions.

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