PAB-63-1P 400V AC Circuit Breaker


  • Reliable Protection: The Pjerjzn Miniature Circuit Breaker is a compact and reliable solution for protecting your electrical circuits. With its advanced magnetic disconnect technology, it offers reliable and efficient protection against overcurrent and short circuits.
  • Material: PC plastic, beautiful and exquisite appearance, high breaking capacity, quick disconnection, guide rail installation, long service life, high performance and light weight.
  • Safety in Daily Scenarios: The Pjerjzn enhances safety in everyday situations. With this circuit breaker installed, it automatically trips to cut off the power supply and prevent any hazardous incidents, giving you peace of mind.
  • Versatile Application: The Pjerjzn Miniature Circuit Breaker is suitable for various everyday applications, ensuring electrical safety in Homes, Offices, Garages, Barns, Sheds, Solar System and Electrical Projects.
    Surpass Safety Choose Our Circuit Breaker PAB-63-1P

    Surpass Safety

    Choose Our Circuit Breaker!

    Featuring dual copper plates for smooth current flow.

    Electromagnetic trip mechanism promptly cuts off during overload, providing ultimate device protection.

    Advanced arc-quenching technology prevents arc damage, adding an extra layer of safety.

    Our circuit breaker offers unparalleled protection, making your power system safer and steadier.

    Elevate Protection Simplify Process PAB-63-1P

    Elevate Protection, Simplify Process

    Our circuit breaker's indicator light gives instant system status, while the control lever ensures easy operation and overload signaling.

    Connection holes make installation seamless, and cooling holes manage heat for stable operation. Outlet holes allow easy cabling, complementing our thoughtful design.

    Choose our circuit breaker for reliable, user-friendly power management.

    Versatile and Resilient

    Whether in the scorching heat of summer or the freezing chill of winter, our circuit breaker performs reliably.

    Engineered to withstand temperatures from -20°C to 50°C, it remains unfazed by the elements. Experience consistent, high-quality performance across diverse climates and conditions.

    Trust our circuit breaker to protect your power system, no matter the weather.

    • Ensure safety and turn off the power supply
    • Push the snap on the back of the breaker downward
    • Snap the front bottom of the circuit breakerinto the DIN Rail
    • Press down on the circuit breaker to engagethe front clip
    • Push the snap on the back of the circuitbreaker upward into

    • Inspect the installation to ensure everythingis properly secured and there are no loosewires or exposed connections